Cassie Banks
Cassie Banks Lunaii
Her lunaii
Some attributes
Gender Female
Age 25
Rich or Poor? Rich
Other attributes
Job Interviewer
Weight 63 kg
Residence Central London
Cassie Banks is a character made by EmeraldDuck. Do not use/edit her without permission (if you do, you will get a warning, and then get blocked unless you are an admin/founder).

Main Info

Name: Caspia (Cassie) Banks

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Job: Interviewer

Weight: 63 kg

Area of London: Central London

Rich or Poor: Rich


Cassie is a bright, ginger haired individual. Her grey eyes come from the Banks's family heritage, and her ginger hair is one of a kind. Due to her ginger hair, many people in her school called her an 'Ugly Ginger' and so she wasn't popular with many of the children there, but she was still able to come out of school with her pink lips smiling.


Cassie is bubbly and kind, but when she is angered, she turns arrogant and bitter. Being arrogant comes at a cost, so she tries to stay calm most of the time. Cassie is also a very sweet person when you get to know her, and she isn't shy.


Cassie comes from a family known as the Banks, and she was born to Elena Banks. The Banks were a rich, wealthy family who enjoyed their luxuries. How did the Banks become rich? Well, a few hundred years ago, the Banks made a deal with the Government, saying that if they supplied them with paper, the Government would keep them rich. Cassie was called an 'Ugly Ginger' when she went to school, but when everyone except her failed an exam, they were forced to think again. She passed her GCSEs with high grades, and soon many businesses longed to get her to work for them. She eventually accepted a job to interview different companies.

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