Mattyin Blarkui (pronounced as Matteen Blargoy) is a character created by aOtisCat. Please do not use him without permission.



Job-Owner of Blueden ED buses

Location-Hampton Wick, London




Mattyin was born on the 31st of September 1990, at West Middlesex Hospital, Isleworth, to Hayuka Blarkui (née Zai) and Mattrieno Blarkui. He lived in Earlsfield, London, and attended the same school as Merton Wimbledon. They have been best friends for the whole of their lives. In 2012, he brought Waterloo garage from Go-Ahead London, and its two routes, 507 and 521. Since then, many other routes have been won.


He is buying more garages, including Putney, also owned by Go-Ahead.

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